Since we are small kids, we are taught to fear the insects such as flies, bees or wasps. There are a very few people who take some time to explain to a child about the benefits of their existence. As soon as we see an ant or spider, we immediately jump to tell, or rather scream ‘Kill it before it bites you’.

I know the sting of a wasp or a bee can be very painful, you may not realize at this time, but our pain would be greater if certain insects did not exist. Without these natural pollinators, many of our plants would cease to bear fruit any more. Most of the fruits and vegetables we eat today are actually credited to the intervention of these beneficial insects present in our environment.


This is one of the most beneficial insects in our environment. The bees not only provide us with the rich and healthy honey, but they are also one of the most important natural pollinators on the planet. Without their work, there will be no more hundreds of vegetables, fruits and other foods that we consume on a daily basis.

Even with all the agricultural advances, the global pollination would be impossible without these wonderful insects. In the end, it is the damage that can cause these with our inventions and pesticides which they do to us with a little bite.


Butterflies are not only beautiful, adding color and life to our gardens, but they are great pollinators as well. In addition, their larvae serve as food for many species of animals which are beneficial for the garden.

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The spiders help control excess insects in the garden. The only problem is that these are not very selective, so any insect, either good or bad, that passes by their way will be a part of their menu. There are many types of spiders which are very harmless and others are very poisonous. So if you find one in your yard, make sure it is one of the good before welcoming it.

In case you identify the spider that it is a poisonous for sure, you must take the necessary steps to kill the spiders so as to avoid any health and medical issues in future.

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