The earrings are very feminine and attractive. Since ancient times, women have had more grace and beauty in their looks, thanks to the earrings. This accessory always stays in demand, and keeps going through the changes in shapes and styles. Very often we are faced with the fact that our business suit does not fit our necklace or sometimes the bracelets are not what we are looking for and sometimes earrings do not fit well. So today in this post, I am going to talk about the most fashionable earrings, especially for the spring season 2017.

Earrings with Chain

In spite of the apparent uniformity, this style will be at peak popularity during the spring season 2017. These earrings are comfortable and durable and do not cause any sort of discomfort, even when you are sleeping. In my personal opinion, I love this trend for the reason that it fits perfectly to the daily style, cocktail and at night parties. The more fragile and thin these earrings are, the better look and feel you have.

Cuff Earrings

During the spring of 2017, the cuff earrings will be particularly relevant, although it is worth noting that they are trend for a couple of years. So when you are going to create great jewelry, you should use earrings in different colors, textures and sizes. Last year, I made some cuff earrings with my own hands, I think I can try to do something similar for this spring too.

The cuff earrings are an ornament that can be worn on ears that are not pierced. The advantage of this type of jewelry is that the earlobe does not suffer the weight of the earrings. There are three types of cuff earrings which are mentioned below;

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They usually have a shackle or a long chain that does not require the earlobe pierced as it is suspended from the ear at the top.


This style does not require pierced lobes either as it attaches to the ear by using clips.


It represents a combination of the conventional cuff earrings with a necklace or hair ornaments.

Big Natural Stones

Large natural stones have become one of the biggest trends for spring. The semi-precious and precious stones like opal, cat’s eye and agate will be good additions to your look. Among gemstones, sapphire will be the favorite among the trends of jewelry in 2017 and I recommend you to go for pink sapphire earrings in 2017.

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