Be honest, but do not be too modest

There is no need to lie in your resume. The recruiter will realize it quickly. You will be in a stressful situation during the interview and your hesitations can then cost you the job. But this does not mean that you should be modest. Feel free to present with eloquence and grandiloquence what you did during your career. Think about quantifying your experiences, so that the recruiter can get an idea of your true contribution to your old business.

Never include salary information in the resume
If a recruiter has asked to include your salary range, you can do so in the cover letter. The resume is not the place for this.

Post your resume on a maximum number of sites

It is essential to submit your resume on all quality sites to be able to reach the maximum number of employers. Some sites are not worth it, others will allow you to quickly get interviews.

Consider the opinion of everyone on your resume with a critical eye

Each person will have their own say on your resume. Remember that these people do not hold the infused science of resume design. It will be much better to hear the advice of specialists in the field. You can submit your resume for free to an analysis made by recruitment professionals, for example, in job fairs. There are also many services that offer this on the internet. For a reliable ad professional service, go to this website.

Each person has a personal journey, and what may have worked for your friend may not work for you. You may have a hole in your path, a layoff for example, or your field requires a resume based on skill models. The most important thing will be to find out from people who work in your area. They are best able to offer you good advice.

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Don’t Forget These Important Points!

Highlight your main skills or career goals from the beginning of the resume.
Aim for the maximum clarity and readability first.
Talk about activities, tasks and results rather than statuses and functions.
Be specific about concrete achievements and results obtained. Quantify your experience.
Be concise. One page is enough most of the time, especially for a beginner. Do not go over more than two pages.
Look after form, presentation, as much as content.
Give all the information that will allow you to be contacted with ease.

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