Co sleeping is advantageous for the reason that the baby gets it better to regulate the temperature. Well, I am referring more to the skin-to-skin contact, but for a baby, it is equally easier to be warm next to dad and mom than not being alone in a crib or bassinet. When baby is in skin-to-skin contact with mom, her temperature changes in accordance of baby’s. In case of baby’s being cold, mother’s breast temperature goes up by to 2 degrees to give warmth to the baby. In case the baby is warm, the mother’s breast lowers the degrees. This process is known as thermal synchrony and it’s another convincing point of keeping the baby in close contact with his/her mom’s body.

Sleeping with the baby is beneficial because the baby’s sleep pattern is more regular. Many parents explain it as I also explain that when the baby is in the bassinet, he/she  often wakes up, but when we put the baby in bed, he/she wakes up much less. Of course, since when the baby have you nearby him/her, he as well as you do not have many reasons for concern. If he/she does not see you near, if he does not feel you, he does not know that you are there. In fact, the baby does not know that you exist and that makes them jump all for survival. The baby’s brain says something like ‘What the hell would you do alone?’ Cry for someone to come, you’re in danger!’ And that’s what the baby does which worries you most.

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When a baby is close to his/her mother and father, the temperature is more regular, hormone levels are stable, heart rate and breathing are stabilized and they say that on hearing the parents’ deep breathing, the babies also breathe better and there is better functioning of immune system and production of enzymes to regulate in the body processes. Perhaps this is why children who spend more time in contact with parents, such as the preterm infants, are healthier, have fewer illnesses and have a better weight gain.

Here I would like to share a quick to sleep the baby. This tip is very simple, just try to have an hour or two of crying with your child before taking him/her to bed. Do not play rough, do not lift your child with many activities or overestimate to the point of exhausting. Try to read a story, to listen to soft music, to talk slowly and to follow the routine to go to bed.

No one can deny the importance and benefits of co sleeping with the babies and this is why we can see many companies making co sleepers. You can find the best co sleepers at The Review Gurus.

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