Kayaking is without question one of the famous recreational activities. Its popularity is growing by the day as is clearly evident from the number of people purchasing kayaks as well as Kayak paddles for sale. This recreational activity is believed to have originated from the Eskimo people more than 4000 years ago. The term kayak is an Eskimo term meaning a hunter’s or man’s boat. It was basically used by the natives from the sub-arctic regions which include north eastern Asia, Greenland, and North America for hunting on the inland lakes. If you are planning to take part in kayaking, you may need to consider the following aspects when getting a paddle for your fishing kayak.

Type and Size of Fishing Kayak

The length and width of the boat will greatly influence the type of paddle you should get. Getting the wrong type of row will not only make you use more effort to maneuver the boat, but will also make the experience unsatisfactory. Stock paddles generally range from 220 to 255 centimeters. The longer or wider the boat, the longer the paddle should be. Using a short paddle on a long boat such as tandem kayaks will make you use more energy. A good length should be at least 245 cm.

Intended Activity and Style of Fishing Kayak Paddling

When looking for kayak paddles for sale, you also need to be aware of the intended activity at hand. Recreational paddling requires short paddles of between 220 and 225 centimeters. This is because the activity entails a lot of body movement and fast paddling. In case you are looking for a more relaxed kayaking experience, always go for longer paddles probably more than 235 centimeters. If you are a paddler who uses fast and rapid strokes you may need to consider a shorter length. For a more laid back paddler, a longer length will do.

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The Body Type

If you are a tall person, you may need to go for a longer paddle as opposed to a shorter person. This is because taller people have longer torsos .In case such a person uses a shorter paddle; he will be straining himself while paddling. Rule of thumb is that tall paddlers go for paddles that are at least 245cm; average height will be okay with rows of between 230 and 240cm, while short paddlers will be suited with paddles of between 220 and 225cm. If unsure of the right paddle you may simply raise the paddle and place its center on top of your head. Bend your elbows at 90 degrees and hold the shaft. The blade needs to be 4 to 5 inches away from your hands.

Other than the fishing kayak itself, the paddle is the next most important thing. However, it is also one of the items that are often overlooked when making a purchase. A person will go to great lengths to ensure that the boat or kayak is top notch, the gear is right, but will just grab the nearest kayak paddles for sale without giving much thought. It is only after going through horrendous and uncomfortable experience that he soon realizes the importance of fishing kayak paddles.

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