Stealthily moving in the shadow of the night while at other times flying over the rooftops to capture the villainous elements, the action of the world’s best known spy, James Bond continues to bewilder and astonish millions of people around the world. Created by the legendary Ian Fleming, the character of James Bond has left an indelible impact on the world and created such a brilliant legacy that it still leaves many people spellbound. Such a heroic character that travels around the world for his secret assignments could only wear a watch as flawless and brilliant functioning as his own capability, something like Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer. A masterpiece of creation and artistry, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer is a brilliantly crafted watch that exudes of precision, flawless performance and tremendous endurance.

The author Ian Fleming created the legendary character James Bond out of a composite of other real life characters as well as his own ambitions and likes. Born in Mayfair in London, in May 1908, Ian Lancaster Fleming was commissioned as a Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve lieutenant and then promoted to the position of Lieutenant Commander, then subsequently to the post of a Commander. Ian Fleming’s codename was 17F while serving in the defense services. Publishing his first novel on James Bond by the name of Casino Royale in 1953, Ian Fleming had created the most conspicuous and well-known spy in the world.

Flying off book shelves and stores everywhere, the James Bond book series became such an incredible rage that people around the world could not get enough of this spy that flew across the world, swam in the deepest oceans and dodged a volley of fire power to rid the world of its criminals. The tremendous popularity of James Bond novels and its riveting stories evolved in to films that eternally captured the soul of the character and his exploits on the Silver Screen. The enormous impact of James Bond and his whirl wind adventures caught the imagination of people everywhere and generated such an enormous fan following that even after almost six decades from the time he was created, the excitement and passion for this character refuses to die out. The avid fans from around the world collect numerous memorabilia that was used in the films along with the first editions and prints of the novels that brought this legend to life.

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The author of the James bond novels and creator of this legendary character sported a Rolex Explorer that seems quite apt to his creative ability of exploring the facades of the adventurous spirit. This watch was also on display at the Imperial War Museum in London that featured along with other items related to the life and work of Ian Fleming. Now the Rolex Explorer was also on display at the National Watch & Clock Museum that is also putting up other watches that were worn by James Bond in the novels and motion pictures. The incredible legacy of James Bond and his creator Ian Fleming lives on in the novels, films and in the Rolex watches.

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