Whether you live, like me, in the cities where warm weather attracts the mosquitoes and other insects that take away the pleasure of sitting outdoors, or plan to go out and do not want to damage the environment with toxic insecticides, here are I present a few recommendations to scare the harmful insects away without causing any harm.

Vitamin B

Much of my childhood I spent with overdose of complex vitamin B. It was not because someone believed that I took, but it was because when the body eliminates this vitamin, it produces an odor that is insect repellent.

The disadvantage is that we overwork our excretory system, especially the kidneys, and the smell can be unpleasant which we can we perceive in our urine and our sweat. Therefore, eating foods rich in vitamin B does not produce the desired effect, and vitamin supplements should not be your daily repellent, but they can give temporary relief. They are especially effective against the mosquitoes and spiders.

Spiders may appear to be harmless, but you must keep in mind that spiders are poisonous. Although their poison is not much threatening to humans beings, still you have to be cautious of the spider infestation in your house, so that you can avoid any unpleasant situations. I recommend you to read these spider killer reviews if the problem of spider is quite serious in your house.

Rosemary and Lavender

The aroma of a lot of many plants repels some insects but it can attract the other insects. In the case of rosemary and lavender, they make a very convenient way to ward off the harmful bugs for human beings from ants to flies and fleas and mosquitoes.

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There are quite a many ways to use these gifts of nature, and for the reason that their aroma is pleasant, there is no fear of overdosing. A lavender sachet in the dryer can flavor your clothes and sheets and you can also put it under the covers, and keep it in the closet, or hang a twig on the doors and windows.

In this regard, another very nice recommendation is to immerse these plants in your cosmetics such as liquid soap, shampoo or hand creams. You can prepare your own shampoo or even make homemade soap by using these ingredients. Finally, a rosemary plant in a pot on the window or balcony will work as an effective insect repellant and will also give an excellent touch to your meals.

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