When a baby is born, sleep is one of the most concern aspects for the new parents. It is also a controversial subject on which opinions of all kinds exist, but we do not really find a mathematical formula, which indicates how to make a child sleep and what guidelines should be followed. The parents listen to advice from experts, read books, look for information on the web, etc. remember that the baby is completely dependent and needs attachment.

Fostering with attachment is the proximity to sleep between the parents, especially the mother, and the child benefits a biologically immature organism, because it complements their incomplete brain functions, also, presumably, favors the good emotional development of the child in the future. Specifically, the benefits of this type of practice, according to many studies on the subject are as follows;

  • Co sleeping promotes nocturnal feeding of infants.
  • It protects against the dreaded Sudden Death Syndrome.
  • The child is better protected when he or she is co sleeping because the mother is able to detect the child’s needs.
  • Children, being fully cared for by the parents at all times, are safe and independent.
  • The child’s body temperature is regulated.
  • The phases of deep sleep of the parents and the child increase, although there are more awakenings, the experts explain that it conciliates before the dream.

There are basically two forms of closeness during rest, cohabitation which means sharing the room and the co sleeping where the child also sleeps in the same parents’ bed in a co sleeper. It would be the child himself who decides when to abandon the habit of co sleeping and move to occupy a space of his/her own.

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If the co sleeping is the perfect remedy for your children to have a good rest, why not practice it? The fierce detractors of this theory argue that the rest of the family is negatively affected, because many adults who practice co sleeping express that their dream has changed and their relationships are affected, increasing the family stress. Furthermore, they maintain that in the long run, children become excessively dependent.

What the American Pediatrics Association recommends is that the bed for the bedding must meet a number of requirements as it should not be a soft surface, avoid excessive heat or entrapment of the baby. The care should be taken that there are no cushions. Co sleeping is not advisable to practice if the parents smokes or have alcoholic drinks or are morbidly obese.

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