The PageRank of each webpage depends on the links you receive, both internal pages of your own website as external, everything counts, although personally I have some doubts about the effectiveness of internal links in terms of PageRank.

Generally the primary domain accumulates a greater PR as compared to internal pages since most of the external links usually point directly to the domain. It is not common, but it may be the case that an internal page gets to have more PR than the primary domain due to its quality and number of links created.

Among other things, Google PageRank will help you design your Off-Page SEO strategy, for example to create your backlinks, and the structure of internal links on your website.

Important Concepts of PageRank

  • The higher PR of the webpage that links is better provided that the number of outbound links on that webpage are not excessive. It is so because the authority is ‘distributed’ among all the outbound links.
  • The PageRank is calculated taking into account the quantity and quality of links that are received, so do not waste too much time chasing ‘easy links’ of dubious quality.
  • Each page has a PageRank itself, meaning that each and every one of your webpages (if they have been indexed) have a unique assigned PageRank.
  • The PageRank operates on a logarithmic scale, so each step costs far more than the previous and it is much more complicated to move from a PageRank 3 to 4 as compared to moving from m1 to 3.
  • Google only takes into account the known links, so the links from unindexed or penalized webpages will not be useful.
  • It is better to have quality than quantity, so it is always more beneficial to have a link from a PR6 page with hundreds of links from pages with PR1.
  • A high PageRank does not guarantee a good position, but it helps.

‘Public PageRank’ and ‘Real PageRank’

It is important to continue to insist on this concept and understand it well. There are two types of PageRank, the ‘public’ and the ‘real’ that only Google knows. The public PageRank is that, before Google canceled it in March 2016, could be seen through tools, toolbars and browser extensions.

As you know this number is not updated, and does not correspond to any current valuation, so all the pages have gone to have a PR 0. The ‘real PR’, we have ever seen, is the valuation of ‘real time’ using Google internally. Public PageRank is comprised of a scale of values ​​ranging from 0 to 10. The progression of the real PR, which is not public, is much broader and it is believed that the order is of 0 to several millions.

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