A facility manager is a great but commonly unknown entity within the companies and, nevertheless, his work can imply an important economic saving in the account as a result of the ferrets made by the facility managers.


The work of a Facility Manager can be very broad and complex and understanding its importance in the operation of the buildings, especially the large ones is extremely vital. Within the obligations of any worker offering the facility management services, all processes for auxiliary services, means for voice and data connections, management of the resources and budget, maintenance of the facilities and the like are included in the responsibilities of the facility manager.


In fact, the work of a facility manager goes further and if this position is well defined, he or she must have the ability to decide on the present and future of the buildings pertaining to the renovation of the spaces and offices, search for suppliers, management of leasing services employees and many other tasks of the similar nature.


A facility manager is an essential figure and it will mean a drastic cost savings with a better functioning of the general services for any company. The responsibilities are centralized which make the debugging a much easier task. As a building owner, you must perfectly all the functions that concern the facilities management services separated in the different ways of possible action.


In addition to being a profile that helps to improve the general services and the operation of them, facilities management is also an excellent way to optimize the resources resulting in the long term savings.

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The need for a professional of this type is turning out to be more and more beneficial in the companies which exceed 100 or more workers. It should be taken into account that the inclusion of the facility manager within the organizational chart can reduce the costs in general services by up to 30% of the overall expenses that include from the rent of offices, light, consumption of paper for photocopiers, repair of air conditioning to services related to the proper functioning, conservation and maintenance of the facilities in which a company is located. It generates a positive impact on a company’s income account.

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