Knowing how to do car waxing is an essential part to get the desired results. There are different buffers available in the market when we talk of the electric buffers. Electric buffers make the work of car waxing a lot simpler and effective provided one knows how to use the buffers, what type of buffers will be appropriate for different cars and get the best result using them. Even if you get the best of the equipment and the related materials but do not do it correctly or get somebody to complete those who does not have the desired skills.

Whether you get the random orbital buffers or the power buffers, you need to know how to use them correctly to get the best results. Power buffers are useful and give the best results when used on the vehicles having flat panels and large ones. Smaller vehicles generally tend to have many cracks and designs having lots of undulations and patterns on the panels. For such vehicles one needs to do the waxing buffer using a combination of the electric buffer and the hand buffing technique.

There are some of the simple ways to get the best buffing effect;

Always work in the shade. Wax exposed to the sun can melt earlier and make buffing difficult. However, it might spoil the entire waxing process. So ensure that you do waxing in the shade and allow the car to stay in the same place for some time before it dries up properly.

Always wash the car and dry it properly before applying wax. One should use the car shampoo for cleaning the car. Soaps generally have some insoluble particles which can settle down on the car making it difficult at the time of waxing or can do harm to the paint.

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Applying wax to the vehicle properly and uniformly is the key to better effects. Apply the wax on the buffer pad. Keeping the motor non-functional apply the wax on the entire surface of the car slowly. Once you have done this, switch on the applicator pad by setting on the lowest speed and apply the wax uniformly on the body of the car. This is just to spread the wax uniformly in the body of the car hence do not apply any pressure at all. Whether you have completed the process correctly can be gauged from the fact that the car looks hazy.

Once you are through with this, remove the applicator cloth and replace it with the wax buffer cloth which is actually used to remove the wax. Apply smooth strokes while buffing. Do not put too much pressure. Do not use circular motions or any specific motion rather make slow movements of the buffer to get the best results?

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