In the recent years, the demand for Dubai real estate has been constantly growing among local as well as international investors. If you, as an investor, are interested in the prospects of comparing a property, it is best to choose the right property by resorting to a qualified real estate agent. When you have deposited the initial amount of the bail, the contract is then formalized with the real estate real company in the United Arab Emirates. To mature the business, you only need your passport.

The value of the property in Dubai depends on a number of factors. First of all, the price is determined by the initial cost of the property which the builder communicates to you, the premium which is the difference between the initial cost and the market value and the registration fee. The value is the sum of these three components. You can make the payment by transferring the money through the bank and you can also pay in cash or with checks.

For the used properties for sale in Dubai and formalization of the business, you do not have to spend more means, in particular, you do not have to pay taxes and it is one of the factors that makes real estate investment in Dubai so beneficial.

If you have purchased a property for sale in Dubai, this does not entitle you to work in the country as the work permit is obtained separately. The residence permit is obtained immediately for the reason that this is supported by the real estate to which you are investing your resources.

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The owner of the property in Dubai has the right to obtain a resident visa which is valid not only for you as the property owner, but for your spouse, single daughters and minor children. This visa must be renewed every three years.

The citizens of the foreign states seek to buy prestigious suites and luxurious villas in Dubai and the natives tend to become homeowners at affordable prices. Often when investing in suites in a luxury hotel, the foreigners rent this property to the same hotel obtaining a considerable profit from such an operation. Apart from the remarkable financial gain, this business allows the owner of Dubai suites at any time to head to rest at their own hotel. All these advantages encourage the investors to aspire to arrive in Dubai not only on holidays but to become the owners of their own property.

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