Although at first the addict uses the drug to feel better and because of the effects that it produce in their mood, as the addiction develops, it is the drug that takes control and the addict resorts to it to avoid the syndrome of abstinence. The substance he consumes has produced changes in the functioning of the brain and it no longer produces the effect it produced at the beginning.

The addict no longer uses it for the reasons he started using it, but for very different ones. His brain has changed and now it pushes him or her to continue consuming it without any other thoughts.

The personality of the addict changes and the whole life of the addict begins to revolve around addiction. Given the importance of this substance in his or her life, the rest of the things go in the background. His or her own family members start to become a burden and he or she sees that they are too demanding, and they do not leave him or her alone, the needs of family members are less important to the addict for the reason that he or she is too preoccupied with his or her addiction.

The problems arise in the relationships, discussions and resentment. The excessive spending of the money to maintain the addiction can also create conflict in the family.

The job also begins to jeopardize, performance decreases, absenteeism at work increases and work is no longer important. Even so, some people may maintain a more or less acceptable level of functioning despite the addiction, may be able to maintain their work and even their relationships, but such relationships will hardly be satisfactory, and there will always be problems, discomfort and reproaches.

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And in the work, the addict will not yield to 100% nor take the advantage of all his or her capacity or opportunities while the moral deterioration can also occur. They can use the money which is for important expenses of their children in order to buy drugs, to rob money from relatives or friends, and to give sex services in exchange for drugs since the drug has become the top priority in their lives and they are ready to do anything to get it.

He or she considers that every person in their life has become an enemy of theirs who are crush him or her saying what they have nothing to do with the addicts. The addict no longer has self-control of himself or his life and needs assistance to get out of that circle in which he has been trapped. The admission in a drug rehab center becomes indispensable for such an addict for recovery.

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