A ubiquitous part of Dubai is the prevalent brunch culture. After a late night out and a late morning in, no one has the mood to cook up a meal on a weekend; brunches, hence, turn out to be the perfect solution. Almost all the major restaurants in Dubai offer an extensive and tantalizing brunch spread on weekends with prices ranging from surprisingly affordable to luxuriously indulgent.

Whether you are hankering after Spanish tapas, hearty Italian fare, healthy Mediterranean one or a traditional Arabic experience, the options are simply unlimited. Typically, brunches start around noon and stretch lazily towards early evening. In our busy and hectic lives, we seldom have the time to enjoy relaxed meals with our families. We often forget the saying, ‘The family that eats together, stays together.’ In contrast, brunches in Dubai are meant to be slow paced. They serve as a reminder to leave behind our skipped breakfasts and our rushed lunches during the work week and simply savor fine food, drink and ambience, not to mention the valuable time that you spend with your loved ones, be it family or friends.

In the West, brunches are usually considered as something that only old and boring couples indulge in. However, in Dubai, brunches are the ‘in’ thing and are in fact, one of the most pleasant experiences of the famed expat lifestyle. With numerous hotels and restaurants offering interesting and unique brunches, chances are that you will never get bored of brunching. During the hot and humid summer time, they provide an ideal escape from the searing heat and during winters, many restaurants offer al fresco dining options where you can soak up the cool weather.

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However, a word of caution, too often, we see people piling their plates high with food and having a bite here and a nibble there, and the rest goes untouched to the bin. Yes, there is food and drink aplenty at brunches and yes, you have paid for it, but it doesn’t mean that you have to waste it. Some people seem to have eyes bigger than their stomachs, but you do not be that person. Remember that there are a lot of people around the world, and indeed even in Dubai, who cannot afford 3 square meals a day. There is absolutely no need to be greedy or gluttonous. Take only what you can eat and relish it. You can always try the other dishes some other day. To taste the finest food in Dubai, visit Boca restaurant Dubai DIFC.

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