When you intend to buy a vacuum cleaner, make sure that it can clean different types of surfaces. In this regard, you have to answer to the following questions first.

Do you have a large house, a small apartment or somewhere in between?

Are there stairs in your house?

Will your vacuum cleaner have to have a long cord on it?

Will it have to be a lightweight model or will you be able to handle something larger if needs be?

Would you like it to be a cyclonic bagless model with high grade filters?

Will it be used on just carpets or are there kitchen floors, wooden floors and upholstery that needs to be taken care of?

Are you going to be using it on a commercial scale or is there just one or two small family pets?
How much do you want to spend to purchase your new cleaning tool?

All of these small details need to be considered in detail before you even think about your budget if you want to find the best vacuum for cleaning different surfaces i.e. carpet and hardwood floors.

There are many standard vacuum cleaners that can take care of some pet hairs, but if you have a bigger problem with getting them removed completely, there are now more than a few vacuum cleaners that are specifically designed to suck the pet hair, so that they can be sucked up more easily, the stick vacuum is a great on hardwood floors, but is it the best for lifting the pet hairs as well. Most of the cleaners have beater brushes that are rotating to help the process and some have lint removing pads that attract and lift the hair making it easy to remove.

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While this might sound ideal, you must be aware of the fact that if you have hardwood floors in the house, then the beater brushes are not always so kind to these kinds of floors even though the manufacturers do try to take all types of surfaces into consideration when designing their latest models. To be honest, it is not the problem as it was a few years back as the technology and design keeps improving all the time. For the best hardwood floor vacuum cleaners,

Having decided to invest in a special one, the best vacuum for pet hair removal as well as cleaning of the hardwood floor will depend on the decision of the type want.

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