Nerves, headache, uncertainty, lack of knowledge or you simply do not know what goes through your head when you are trying to express your love, wanting to convince her to be with you for the rest of your life by posing the most important question. To begin with, you have started well, because the first thing to be convinced is that you want to have that beautiful responsibility to share your tastes, concerns, joys and all that entails being day by day together with that beautiful woman, the most beautiful of all who inhabit this planet.

There are many jewels and ideas where you can see, meditate and understand the tastes of your future wife. From the traditional to design a little more avant-garde, but everything is valid to try to give you that expected response.

As the first step, you must know the tastes of your girlfriend and if you need to know something, you discreetly try to get that information for the reason that it depends on her hobbies that are going to influence the shape of the stone that will be mounted on the engagement ring. There are many variations such as oval, round, princess, radiant, heart shape, pear and marquise, which are the most common, but it is the round that holds the attention most among the betrothed and from time to time, it is the princess cut that is gaining popularity.

For the topic of diamonds, we have to have small points to be dealt with, something technical, and we will not abound in them, just enough to be taken into account. In addition, they can count on the professional advice of a master jeweler and dispel their doubts, since we know that, apart from surprising and enchanting the bride, an investment is being made. This is how we say to what one acquires materially and we know that it is more esteemed infinitely.

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To return to the subject, consider these concepts in the matter of stones and the first is size which is linked to the ratio of size-brightness and the better its clarity, the better it shines. Clarity defines the purity of the stone and more carat means more value.

There could be combination of stones in the mounts, small ones to one side of the main stone, or simply solo and this also causes a neat effect. In total, it costs you to buy a pink sapphire ring or a diamond ring, so you must choose the one within your financial possibilities.

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