When you get a place or office for your business, you have to make sure that the building is appropriate for a specific company. The construction you choose should be designed for more than sheltering from the rain but should also promote the company and help it work well.

Does the building have a view that makes potential customers come back and want to come in? In terms of habitability, how facilitated the building is for the various commercial activities such as sales, manufacturing, administration, shipping, reception, storage, etc. Unless the building has an acceptable qualification in sight and habitability, there may be problems and the most common ones are lost sales, operational problems and remodeling costs. In this scenario, a hiring a facilities management company is essential.

It is a famous saying ‘do not judge a book by the cover’ and it is correct in this case for the reason that your potential customers always do this every time they pass in front of your business and they judge it by how it looks.

Even those who never enter and know almost nothing of the company form an opinion based on their external appearance, can reproduce that opinion. As such, the exterior of a building should be considered as a means of communication, capable of transmitting messages about the company. However, if you are careful, it is easy to convey the wrong message. For example, it would be a mistake for a store that sells household goods to have the polished marble façade with brass handles. The potential customers seeing the marble and brass would automatically think that the store has high prices. A brick or stucco façade will get a more positive reaction, encouraging people to associate the store with economics and practicality.

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In case of a retail store, in no other way does the appearance of a company’s success or failure affect the appearance of retail sales. Here, the outside of the store should not only accurately identify the nature of the business, but also be attractive for people to feel invited to enter. To achieve both purposes, i.e. identification and invitation, it is necessary to plan and consider the details. For best results, store architectural style, building materials, exterior colors, dressers, and advertisements should be part of a coordinated effort. In an ideal situation, each element complements the others and serves to reinforce the overall image of the store. More than money, you will need imagination and a clear idea of the type of store you require. Once this point is known, it is easier to communicate the right message to others to choose or install the ideal location.

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