If you have never been involved in a car accident that made it necessary to hire a car accident lawyer, you are considered one of the lucky ones. You should know, however, that in the United States a person is injured in a car accident every 14 seconds, and more than two million people are injured each year and suffer from debilitating and sometimes permanent injuries. With probabilities like these, you should understand the complexity of receiving a fair settlement for injuries sustained in a car accident, and why an auto accident lawyer can be a real lifesaver during the difficult times following an accident of this type.

A car accident lawyer cannot lessen the discomfort or pain you have suffered following the accident which is why it is important to visit a Whiplash Injury Clinic first. But what he can perform is the demanding and inevitable task of dealing with the insurance company on your behalf, and ensuring that at least you will receive the equitable monetary settlement you are entitled to.

Imagine that you are lying in an emergency room, waiting for a doctor to see your injuries after a car accident. You are thinking ahead for the next few months, which is now likely to include a painful recovery, lost work, heaps of unpaid medical bills, and dealing with an unfeeling insurance company that is completely indifferent to your predicament and you see that your life will becoming much more complicated in the coming days with the question lingering in your mind such as;

How will I pay my bills if I cannot work for a long time?
What if my injuries are so extensive that I may not always be able to get back to my job?
What if the insurance company refuses to pay the necessary medical expenses?

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Now you are fully aware that it is nothing more than a claim number to them. All these very valid concerns should lead to the conclusion that you need a car accident lawyer with great experience in your corner, looking out for your wellbeing, both now and in the future.

An expert lawyer has the necessary resources and years of experience dealing with insurance companies to ascertain that you do not remain feeling helpless, hopeless and frustrated in the aftermath of your accident.

The insurance companies will try to convince you that you do not really need an attorney, after all, won’t he simply take a large portion of your compensation? The insurance companies very understandably prefer not to hire a car accident attorney. The facts show that those who hire a car accident attorney for personal injury claims most often recover two to three times more of the claimants.

The car accident victims who are represented by an experienced attorney can expect to receive, on average, five times the original insurance offer. Many plaintiffs who originally received no offer from the insurance company end up with a fair deal once they have hired the right person to fight for their rights.

If you have suffered from personal injuries in a car accident, Crispin Culbertson is one of the best lawyers in USA who can help you with definite success.

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