One of the most exciting aspects when you visit Dubai is to discover its typical tastes and cuisine. Therefore, it is very important to get rid of the prejudices and you should not make the mistake of despising in advance the different cuisines of this region. One of the easiest ways to discover local flavors of Dubai is by finding a good restaurant in your destination. There, you will find all kinds of typical dishes of the region besides being able to mix with your native ones.

1 – Visit Where There Are More Locals

Generally, an indicator of the quality and recognition of a restaurant is the level of work of the restaurant; normally they are directly proportional. It certainly is not worth, precisely, in all cases, however, it is in the majority and usually if a place is full, we should try to guess if the customers are local or are tourists. Obviously, it is better to choose a place where locals go, whose preferences give us an idea of what is most popular in the place and also very often these are the best of the local cuisine restaurants.

2 – Look At The Type Of Food!

Many times when we travel, we see a place that catches our eye and we enter without first finding out what kind of restaurant it is. In many places, we find an international gastronomy of all kinds, or you could end up in a Thai restaurant in Dubai and it will be fine if you like Thai cuisine or else you move to other restaurant in Dubai.

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3 – Menu & Prices At The Entrance Of Restaurants

Looks are deceiving. Some restaurants display the menu with prices at the entrance and this is something we should always have a look at before sitting down to eat. We often have a pleasant surprise to read the menu and sometimes it appears that the deluxe restaurants are really affordable. In this way, we can also have an idea of what we could find on the menu once inside and avoid finding ourselves in not knowing what to choose, because anything we like. In addition, in many places, they offer the ‘Menu of the Day’ which includes several dishes and generally lower prices.

Our Suggestion

As we have experienced eating at many restaurants in Dubai, we would like to make a suggestion for Boca restaurant DIFC Dubai which is one of the finest restaurants in Dubai.

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