The choice of a holster is a simple task and that is why in the local market there are offers of a wide variety of the brands and models for each activity, made from various materials either synthetic or premium leather. Gone are the times of the modest canvas or fabric holsters, which absorbed moisture generating rust on the surfaces of the weapons.

Regarding leather similes, it is essential that they are made of synthetic materials that guarantee the total rejection of moisture and are washable. In the case of the rifle holster and in particular those that will carry telescopic sights, they should have a special protection, or double inner layer of damping material to avoid the damages in those sensitive accessories. Almost all of them provide at least one external or internal pocket to store the holding cards or accessories and spare parts.

Detachable shotgun shells provide special housing for the cannon, thus, preventing damage or other parts during transportation. For short weapons, the most popular holster are those of rectangular format which allow to carry some additional accessories, but the triangular ones save space to move other elements.

While it is not complicated to move a holster as mentioned, very different is the choice of a holster when you are carrying the short gun. In the case of Police or the Armed Forces, who wear uniforms, there are not many options for them for the reason that they must conform to the regulations.

The reality is that there is no ideal weapon to carry, while the most powerful are large and heavy, the smallest, most lack effective power. The holsters for carrying concealed weapon have their problems related to accessibility, comfort, speed of extraction, safe retention and duration among other variables.

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Taking the user has opted for a particular weapon in which he or she can deposit his or her trust and is really suitable in his or her handling, even in difficult times, only then should he or she start the election of his or her holster of waist that best suits to him or her.

With respect to leather, their production is limited to the rhythm of demand. It is a tradition among hunters and shooters. They also undoubtedly compete with the best in the world as the great care in cutting, finishing and seam is observed to let them stand out among the large group of holster manufacturers. To get the best concealed carry holsters..

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