Today, the offers in bass guitars are very wide. The great variety of bass models and styles can make it difficult for us to make the right decision in choosing our ideal bass guitar. An experienced bassist will prefer to discover for himself which instrument is right for him. But if you are a newbie, how can you know what is the most remarkable of each model? And most importantly how can you be sure that you are making the right investment? In this post, we will discuss these concerns and help you buy the best cheap bass guitar.

Pay Attention to the Neck Protrusions

Anyone who takes the trouble to pass the index finger and thumb along the edges of the neck, can feel the ends of the frets. You should notice them in a normal and soft way. But if, when you pass your fingers, the notes are sharpened and protruding, there you have a poorly finished bass guitar. Find another or you will get bruised. This is usually due to a factory defect or some meteorological condition such as humidity or temperature. We can find this problem in both low cost instruments and very expensive instruments.

Check Potentiometers

All basses have buttons, or switches, with which to regulate volume or pitch. Check that the drivers are not loose or do not work directly.

The Value of Wood and Paint

Wood is essential for bass sound. We often do not see it because of the thick coating of lacquer, which is convenient for the manufacturers using low quality wood. However, we must be patient and look in detail that the guitar does not present cracks, especially at transition points. For example, the neck too curved forward or back could be a sign that the wood has not dried sufficiently before processing. Visible drops of dry paint indicate the little care and haste with which it has been manufactured.

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The Pickups

Many manufacturers use low quality pickups to save on costs. If you have noticed a buzz or an enormous sensitivity in the amplifier that you have tried in the store, you have valid reason to doubt the quality of that bass guitar. But do not panic, it is normal to hear a small buzz on the single coil pickups like the Jazz Bass. The best thing to clarify doubts is to consult in the same store.

Now that you have some basic brushstrokes about the main types of bass guitars and what are the characteristics of a good finish you can start with the search for your ideal bass guitar. However, in case of doubt, do not think about it and always consult with the nearest professional.

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