The dentures are not mere mechanical instruments, but they transmit forces to the teeth, gums, and bone and require special care whose duration varies between individuals and prostheses. Everyone has different needs and characteristics so that all prostheses are unique and must make individually. The decision on the placement of the prosthesis is taken exclusively by the specialist dentist and the patient.

There will be a time when the patient will be adapted and surely not be aware of wearing a prosthesis in his/her mouth, but you need to go through a period of adaptation in which you visit the dentist to make adjustments as necessary. Also, being a device that takes for prolonged periods, there should be aware of their care and daily cleaning to avoid any serious consequences.

Possible Problems with Dentures

During the integration process of the prosthesis, there can be the development of denture stomatitis or mucosal lesions such as ulcers because of a bad fitting or displacement. This situation can lead, in turn, pain, difficulty in speaking and chewing force.

The patient may experience little force of chewing, especially with hard foods which can lead to dissatisfaction, modify the pleasure of the act of eating and cause nutritional problems that affect general health. Therefore, the use of an adhesive binder, which provides safety and comfort, is highly recommended for improved stability of the prosthesis, and increased retention force of biting as it forms a seal between the prosthesis and the gum ensures the firmness of prosthesis.

One of the drawbacks of prostheses, if not set correctly, is that leftover food particles can get caught between them and the gum, a fact that causes discomfort while favoring the growth of bacteria that can cause bad breath. It also entails psychological problems caused by insecurity which involves speaking.

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Cleaning in front of Dentures

The duration of dentures will depend on many factors, but one of the most important is the motivation of the patient at the time of its care. For this reason, the dentist should evaluate the proper operations regularly and make a briefing to ensure that the patient makes a correct positioning of the prosthesis and to know the points of masticator stability and the specific techniques of daily care. The dentist also has to explain how to care and clean daily prosthesis to avoid major issues such as the presence of tartar, halitosis or ulcerations consequences.

Oral Hygiene Habits to Follow

The oral hygiene habits that persons with removable dentures should follow are as follows;

Wash and massage mucosa for the prosthesis cover twice daily, using a toothbrush with very soft bristles to massage edentulous ridge. Prosthesis margins can be easily accessible to the accumulation of oral plaque and this is why it requires greater dedication to cleaning.
Clean the back of the tongue with a tongue cleaner.
It is advisable to remove prosthesis at night to rest from the pressure.

It is imperative that you visit the dentist at recommended times in the year. Since people are busy with routine activities visiting schedule might slip off your mind, it is suggested to have a regular checkup by the best dentists in Dubai, and stay free of dental issues.

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