Whether you are investing a large part of your savings or a small part of your budget in a home theater, the location of the speakers will play an important role in the sound quality and in the sound performance of the room. The instructions that come with the speakers will give you recommendations for locating the speakers in the room, but beyond that, here you will read the recommendations that you should consider when installing the speakers in your home. The main purpose of speakers is to support the sound on the screen like the dialogues.

Tips For Locating The Center Speaker

Center it directly above or below the TV.

If you decide to place it under the TV, the front edge of the speaker should be precisely aligned with the front edge of the TV to prevent any type of sound bouncing in the TV cabinet.

The front speakers and center speaker should be located at the same distance from where spectators will be located.

Tips For Locating The Front Speakers

Firstly, find the optimal listening position. Now distribute the two speakers at points that are the same distance from the listening point, one on the left side and the other on the right side. The front right, left, and center speaker should be about the same distance from where you sit, with the speakers pointing directly to your ears. Do not calculate these distances near the eye, since every inch of distance variation will be noticed in the sound quality of the system.

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These speakers should be at the level of your ear when sitting for optimal listening position. Smaller home theater speakers can be built into the walls or supported by a speaker stand. The speakers for the floor usually have this situation resolved in its design.

The purpose of surround speakers is to provide low and high sound levels from other parts of the room, creating the feeling of being in a movie theater in your own home. The positioning of the surround speakers will depend on the size of your home theater, the shape of the room and the space required for the proper operation of these specific speakers.

Tips For Locating Surround Speakers

Locate the primary pair to the left and right of your optimal listening point. This can be done on the line in which it will be located, or behind it.

These speakers should be placed at a similar height to the ears when standing.

Try pointing the speakers in different directions if they are wall-mounted. Good results can be achieved by pointing them to the ceiling or to the corners of the room.


The home theater subwoofer will provide your audio system with all the bass frequencies necessary to watch a movie, experiencing the sound in an engaging way. However, it is one of the less difficult speakers to position. In many cases, you can locate it anywhere in the room and get good results. Now I would recommend you to visit Nushh to buy the best quality of speakers at affordable rates.

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