There is one word that you should consider when you choose your outfit for going to the office and it is adequate. This word means many things should be appropriate to your personality, your type of work, dress code of the company, the planned agenda for the day and the image you want to project to your colleagues, bosses and clients.

This does not imply that you must have a wardrobe the size of the Titanic as your budget would have the same end. The important thing is to have the basic garments and accessories. Your wallet will sigh with relief and will always remain impeccable.

With a pair of black pants, white shirt, a black jacket and a classic dress in a neutral color, you can accomplish miracles with little expense.

Business Travelers

When you are on a business trip setting your wardrobe is the basic need as you take two or three in the suitcase that can unfold in five or six items combining them with different accessories.

This could be a good example as white shirt with tie neck shaped bun. Black pants, if straight cut much better, black heeled medium sized shoes, gray blazer with black skinny belt, a black maxi wallet or briefcase. Small accessories can be a brooch, earrings and a nice watch. You can also replace your black gray blazer jacket. To take this it with glam it can be a pashmina of any vibrant color or change the black jacket with a red coat.

This combination is also very handy for those days you have many activities outside of the office and you need to be ultra-stylish but comfortable.

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A Casual Day at Office

When you have a very busy day dedicated to meetings with your team, catch up on calls, pending emails, you can use a more casual and colorful clothing with versatile black trousers.

You can also combine your white shirt with a tie, only for having more casual outfit, you can have it open or in a loose knot tie. The coat can be a poncho mustard or blue tone. Your earrings can be big and colorful and add several bracelets on both wrists.

Important Points to Consider

Do not forget that the hairstyle can produce a change in effect throughout your appearance. If you want to give an image of seriousness, opt for the classic chignon for a more casual look preferably straight. The ponytail will always be your best friend for the whole day in office that lasts all very neat.

Avoid plunging necklines and excessively short skirts and too many accessories.

Make-up should be in very natural tones.

The smoky eyes and blood red lips are only reserved for evenings, so forget about during office hours in daytime.

This is how can follow fashion while you remain working in your office and meet the important people in office with great appearance.

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