Tactical flashlights, as you may have seen by now, come with different features and once you learn about what is available out there, you get the hard work of running through the reviews before deciding what might be worth a purchase. Let’s take a quick look at some of the key features of the tactical flashlights that can help you decide to buy the best tactical flashlight for your needs.

From 150 to 1000, the tactical flashlights come with a range of light output. While you need a bright flashlight, it may not be the only criterion for the reason that you need to be able to vary the brightness depending on the situation. You may need to lower the brightness in the stealth mode, increase it during a search and mislead it with a stroboscope. You may also need to adjust the point of focus or zoom in when you look at the things in a closer range.

In the world of tactical flashlights, the size matters a lot. The tactical flashlights usually need to fit in gun mounts, rifles, laser scopes and even purses. They should be easy to carry to be multi-purpose labeled.


If it is heavy, it is unlikely to come out of the kitchen drawer or glove compartment of the car. A small change in the weight can be a challenge when balancing it with a gun.

Battery Requirements

Everyone wants his or her tactical flashlight worth every penny they have paid. Most of the tactical flashlight are criticized if the battery runs out soon and you have to pay more for the new batteries, therefore, the rechargeable batteries are a better way.

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Most of the tactical flashlights have their body protected with the aeronautical grade aluminum, which has the ability to endure the high impacts. A steel bevel can bent for a defense mechanism.

Additional Defense Features

Some of the tactical flashlights include a hidden stun gun mechanism that can come handy for the self-defense.


After you have bought your tactical flashlight, you are supposed to take some time to try and practice it. In case you are going to dock it with a gun, try Roger’s technique and eye index technique to see what works best for you. To know how to catch your tactical flashlight in a difficult situation can save precious time. To get a good hand to easily change the modes and know your SOS signals, you just need to make it work to see how good it is.

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