There are about 100 different models of the tactical flashlights on the market and the choice is always reflected in the personal interests. However, there are some things that can help you improve your selection of the best tactical flashlight.

  • Choose the small ones in size, so that you can carry it easily every day. It should fit in the palm of your hand.
  • You should have at least 120 lumens of illumination. For your tactical flashlight to truly be self-defense, it must have enough illumination to blind its attacker and something smaller to this amount of lumens will not allow you to achieve your goal of personal defense.
  • Buy a simple tactical flashlight. In the market, there are models that have the functions of strobe light or SOS, among many other things, but if we speak of simple self-defense, it does not need any of those.
  • Choose the one with waterproof feature. If you are going to need it to use it in all sorts of situations like an attack in the rain, you will need one of these.
  • You have to choose one made of a sturdy material for the reason that it must withstand the usage. Look for a hard aluminum because it is a lightweight metal. Also, make sure that the metal of the tactical flashlight is shaped well, so that it is easy to grasp in hand and it does not fall off your hand in case of using it as an attacking weapon.
  • Let it be an LED tactical flashlight because these can withstand the shocks and falls, besides saving energy.
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How to Use Tactical Flashlight?

You can use it for self-defense. If you turn on your tactical flashlight, you will be able to identify your attacker while the attacker will be dazzled. Now you can do two things, the first is to flee quickly taking advantage of the moment of distraction of the attacker. The other is to give a good blow with the flashlight because it is made of a resistant material and nothing will happen to it when using it as a weapon. In this way, when attacking the aggressor, you will have enough time to seek help.

Hopefully, this article will be useful for you in order to choose the top flashlight for tactical use and in the near future we will let you how to use your tactical flashlight in a dangerous situation as well.

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