The time of events, parties, weddings and all kinds of celebrations begins and as well as our confusion and despair begins when we have to choose the outfit and the accessories suitable for each occasion. In this post, I will try my best to facilitate you with a little things as we will see which earrings you are supposed to choose according to the clothes and hairstyle you are going to wear to the particular occasion. So let’s see how you can choose the right pair of earrings.

The earrings are able to attract all the looks and complete the look if we know how to choose them in the correct way, but it is not easy to select due to the immense amount of designs and material that exist on the market today.

When you are choosing the earrings, you have to take into account many factors such as clothes, hairstyle, hair color, shape of your face and makeup.

According To The Neckline And The Type Of Clothes

You should not wear the same earrings for a strapless neckline, a boat neck blouse or a closed-necked shirt. For closed necklines, you must wear earrings that are glued to the earlobe, but if the neckline is noticeable, you can choose the earrings with greater prominence.

The long earrings are ideal for necklines such as halter, bridesmaid, boat neck and heart. The idea is that the drop earrings accentuate the verticality of the neck and direct the look from the face to the chest. To find the best sapphire drop earrings.

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In the case of round necklines, blouse or box type, it is the best thing that you opt for a flashy pair the earrings, but it should not have too long slopes to avoid creating a rivalry between the garment and this accessory.

In the case of printed dresses, with rhinestones or laces, the most suitable option is of classic earrings, small and attached to the earlobe or of very short length.

According to the hairstyle

The hairstyle is decisive when you are choosing the earrings. If you take your hair collected and without any complement, you must give prominence to the face with striking earrings.

In case the hair is loose, there are two options as one is to wear a single large earring and hold the hair on that side and the other option is to wear the earrings that have some brightness to play with the hair and be noticeable with the every movement of the head.

If you wear hat or headdress, the earrings have to follow the same line or combine with the size and color.

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