Interview is the most important part of the job search procedure for the reason that it is the point where a company or employer comes to a decision about who to hire. Therefore, you need to know how to handle a job interview in the most appropriate and impressive manner. You need to read these tips very carefully to impress your interviewer and prove yourself to be the best candidate for the job in question.

To prepare for the interview, search on internet, publications, etc. to find what products the company manufactures or provide services, its organization, culture, customers, competitors, locations, historical development and the current strategy. You can also use your network of contacts to try to talk to the current employees or former employees and get more information about the company and the potential interviewers. The more you know about the company; the more you will be relaxed and you will make a better impression of yours.

Although you are the respondent, you must have an active role during the interview. Think of yourself as a product to be sold to the interviewer, so you have to identify what their needs are and show that you can perfectly meet them. If necessary, take the initiative to find out what the features are that the company is looking for in a candidate before showing your skills, experience, knowledge and motivation and be realistic. Keep control of the interview and direct the conversation to the issues that you want to highlight in your candidacy.

Answer the questions posed to you in a concrete tone and take suffice time. Whenever you possibly can, put your own examples of professional activities related to the topics where your contribution is highlighted but avoid appearing too self-centered. Avoid badmouth about the previous employers and supervisors worked with.

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Although it may surprise, you may find very bad interviewers and managers who can spend more time talking than listening to the candidate. In such a case, it is particularly important that you are not to ask the questions but you explain your strengths.
You can take notes on the most relevant data to assist you, but avoid breaking the rhythm of the interview since it confirms your interest in the job.

Maintain to be positive and optimistic and take each interview as a new opportunity to get what you want. It is better than your discard an offer you cannot do sufficiently instead of being discarded by the company.

Confidence is the key to win over everything in your way and every tip is useless if you fail to show your confidence. To have successful interview in any field like psychology, marketing, architecture, technology, etc., you need to face the interviewer with confidence.

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