Car waxing is used to protect the body paint and the shine of the car. This needs to be repeated throughout the year for best results. Here is an illustration of how the care should be taken in the different seasons.

The temperature makes a difference in getting the desired result of waxing. Summers are preferred for waxing as the desired temperature for good effect can be easily attained while the same becomes difficult during the other seasons.

Once the winter season is over, people generally find their cars having lost the shine and hence immediately as the summer season sets in they go for the waxing of their cars. However, winter season is generally tough for the cars too. Snow can have bad impact on the paint. Therefore getting the waxing done during the season can help the car maintain its looks and shine during winter.

Let’s look at the effect of temperature and how it affects waxing during different seasons.

Car waxing in Summer

Summer seems to be the most favorable and likeable season for waxing. Most of the people prefer getting their car waxed during summers. This is also owing to the fact that dry weather conditions allow it to dry fully. There are certain precautions which should be taken during the summers;

Do not go for this practice if the day temperature is above 80 degrees.

Avoid placing your car directly in sun in extreme temperatures while waxing.

Get the car waxed during the evenings as it allows the wax to dry up completely during the night and be ready for the use the next morning.

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Use the best quality during the dry weather.

Car Waxing in Winter

Winter time is marked by snow and rains sometimes. Frost can have a very bad effect on the paint. Moisture can result in rusting which will slowly eat up the car body parts. It is thus essential to maintain the car well during winters. Let’s look at some of the precautions during winter:

It should be done between temperatures ranging from 60-80 degrees.

Before the application, make sure that the body parts are dry and free from moisture.

Apply it in small circular fashion.

Post application during winters, place your car in the sun for some time.

Apply the buffing technique once you are sure that it has dried completely.

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