When you are out in the market to purchase a bench vise, you will come across a lot of options and it will become hard time for you to decide which one you should go for. Here I will give you a helping hand by offering the narrowed down options of three bench vices which are already working well for the users of bench vises.

1 – Wilton Reversible Mechanics Bench Vise Review

This bench vise might be a little expensive, but it is certainly worth for the reason that it has the best specifications among the available options. It opens up to 6 inches with the grips of 5 inches while its throat is 3 ¾ inches deep. Its uniqueness is in its reversible clamps, which, when reversed, opens up to 9 ¾ inches. Haw faces have been manufactures with steel are replaceable when worn out.

Wilton Reversible Mechanics Bench Vise is considered to be an ideal choice for locomotive repairs as well as professional mechanics. The tool has the weight of almost 48 lbs and has 2 big-sized anvil surfaces and the grasping force is able to bear up to 4990 lbs.

2 – Tekton 54006 6 Swivel Bench Vise Review

Here is my next suggestion and I am sure that it will be a sufficient choice for the ones who don’t want a bench vise which is wide like Wilton, but if we talk about endurance, it is not less than Wilton at all. It is the finest option for mechanics who do not require great versatility and strength. The weight in more or less 38 lbs. with the dimensions of 15.2×7.6x 8.8. It has one anvil surface and its jaw pads can be replaced. It can spin up to 120 degrees.

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3 – Wilton 11104 General Purpose 4 Swivel Base Bench Vise Review

If you have a workshop at your home and carry out medium-duty jobs, Wilton 11104 General Purpose 4 Swivel Base could be a good option for you. One good thing is that it is also available in a small size. Its weight is around 15 lbs which makes it a lightweight tool. Since it is quite small, it will not take up much space in your workshop, but it does not mean that it will undermine its camping force. The jaws open up to 4 inches.

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