While there are quite a few options to choose from when deciding what to do with your real wood deck, we suggest using a deck wood paint. This is because you will be able to choose from any color that you want, including a shade that is closer to the actual color of the wood. In addition to that, the thick paint coating allows the wood to resist moisture, dust, mold, and rust.

The protection imparted by the wood paint depends on which type paint it is. If it is a water based paint; then it can chip off after some time due to the sunlight UV rays, but is more easy to clean, quicker to dry, and retains the color for a longer time. The oil based paint affords more protection to the wood because it penetrates it, and seeps inside. But it tends to fade with time quicker than the water based paint, and takes a long time to dry. Talking about individual products, here are some of the best deck paints that we found.

1 – Rust-Oleum Painters Touch Latex

It comes as no surprise that the Rust-Oleum is the most popular product on the market. It has propelled acrylic water based paints to reach the durability standards set by the oil based paints. The major issue with the water based paints is that they tend to chip off quite quickly which is very tiresome. This problem is solved by this product, so the resulting durability can rival even the top oil based paints. The color also lasts for a longer time, and the texture and consistency of the finish is also very impressive. All in all, this product should be the top choice considering its quite reasonable price tag.

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2 – Diamond Brite Paint Oil Base All Purpose Enamel Paint

When it comes to oil based paints, the Diamond Brite is the product to choose. It penetrates very well into the wood, imparting it considerable protection from damaging rays and moisture. It also has a glossy finish, which, together with its luxurious colors, gives a very premium look.

3 – KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint

Combining the advantages of both the oil based and water based paints, the KILZ paint has very successfully brought the best out of both. The only downside is a narrow range of color selection, but apart from that, this is a very safe buy.

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