Top 3 Gaming Consoles for Kids to Consider

Are you looking to get the best console for your kid, if the answer Is yes, then my friend you have come to the right place, as here today I am going to share with you the best gaming consoles that you can get for your kid. No matter if your kid is just playing games for fun or is serious about them, you will get plenty of options to choose from.

1 – Nintendo 2DS

Call it as an entry level device you can get for your child, this is extremely easy to use and it will let you choose your game from many options, ensuring that you will spend your time with best options. You can also take this to any journey, as it comes with a very good battery timing and will not let you get bored even if you are spending hours on it. This can be used online also, it not only has the touch screen to play and choose from, but also it has number of different buttons that you can choose to do some settings too.

2 – Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition

Yes you have got it right, this shares many features with the Fire TV. It will offer you different features that are truly mind blowing, this is not a good option for those kids who are interested in playing the newly released games, as it may not support them. You will not get many gaming option in this one, and as a matter of fact this is also not as much popular as the other mainstream gaming consoles present on the market.

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3 – Nintendo 3DS XL

This is one of the best handheld that you will get, it flips open, and it is packed with many different options and features that are very suited for the young children. This is very famous among kids, as it is light in weight, easy to use and offers the players a lot of different options that they can choose at once. It allows you to choose a game from 100’s of different option. It has a long and strong battery life, making it ideal to take anywhere with you, or even if you are travelling it will make the best for you. This also has many educational games that can help you child to be active mentally at the same time.

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