If you are willing to give your kid the best console for gift, make sure that you choose the right one. As according to the demand of your kid you should choose one. There are different options on the market to choose from. Here I am going to share with you few of them.

I – Wii U

If you say that you have never heard about this console before then you don’t know anything at all about gaming. This is one of the best cheapest that you can buy and ensure that you have bought a good piece for your whole family. This is fully packed with cool features that your kids will love about it. It is not very powerful as compared to the other consoles present on market.

But as mini game this is perfect. It is small in size and you can take it anywhere that you want without worrying about it. You get 100’s of different options when you are using this. This has a touch screen that is very nice and also comes with buttons, so you know that your gaming experience is increased now. This is the best option if you want one gift for 2 kids, or you have a young kid. It is good in quality, as it’s especially made to resist any break upon hitting the ground. The only downside that it has is, it doesn’t not offer a great graphic quality, other than that it is best for kids under the age of10.

II – Nintendo 2DS

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This is priced under $70, so it is pretty affordable, and this will surely make a good first console for your kid. It is also compatible with many other devices so you can do a lot of different things with this one easily. It is priced well for the features it offers you, it will allow you to choose games from a 1000’s of options offline, and if you connect with internet you can increase the number of those options. Not only you can play games for fun on this, but also you can choose to play educational games on this one, this is what makes this device different as compared to the other devices on the market. It is not 3d, and also is not as much advanced in its graphic like the others.

III – PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)

This is also known as the PS Vita, and many people are well aware of that. This is one of those consoles which has really made it big on the industry. Not only this is a good option to get for your kid, but also an adult can get this one. You can play sports games and adventure games on this one at the same time. It is very easy to use and comes with a battery that can last more than 8 hours, so now you will never be bored again.

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