Behavioral problems are one of the main reasons why many dogs wind up in homeless animal shelters. Fortunately, a wide variety of disciplinary and teaching aids are available to the dog owner to attend with training a dog in proper canine etiquette. Here is a short list of the top training items that should be a part of every dog owner’s supply list.

1 – The Crate

If a dog is taught to associate his crate with particular situations, an owner going out of the house for the evening, or a momentary confinement as discipline, he will soon learn to enter and exit it at the appropriate times. Expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $200 for a well-constructed crate, depending on the type of crate chosen and the size necessary for your dog. These may be purchased at any major pet store.

2 – The bathroom pad

As anyone who’s ever had a puppy knows only too well, getting your new dog housebroken is a lot easier said than done. Training pads teach a dog where his appropriate bathroom is, and help cut down on the number of messy accidents to well-kept up. They can be especially helpful for an elder dog, or a dog with medically-related excretory conditions. These pads come in several brands and features

3 – Bark Collar

A few things are as painfully annoying as the incessant sound of a barking dog. Yet a dog’s bark is crucial to alerting owners of potential problems like fires or intruders. If you are lucky enough to have a dog that only barks when it’s necessary, congratulations! Most of us, however, don’t strike gold that easily, and so a form of bark collar will be necessary in order to avoid noise citations and dejected neighbors. You can see a good variety of bark collars at The Review Gurus.

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4 – Clicker

It can be an invaluable teaching tool if broken-down properly. These small and inexpensive noise making devices are readily available at most pet store chains. Clicker training teaches the dog to associate a particular noise with a behavior that he has performed correctly; the noise signals that the dog will be rewarded through praise and/or edible treats as an obvious reinforcement for obedience.

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