InTENSity Digital TENS Unit with 10 Preset Programs

It is a real high quality piece of equipment that is already proving to be a great addition to the pain relief solutions that sufferers of muscle pain have. The product comes in a beautifully designed casing, which means you won’t have to feel self-conscious when you take it out in public. This is a big bonus for anyone who has suffered from long-term pain, and wants to keep things reasonably subtle. There is nothing worse than having to take out a pain relief unit in public if you feel self-conscious about it.

The unit is dual channel, isolated between channels. It also comes with a handy timer that offers intervals of 15, 30 and 60 minutes, with the added value that comes with the option to bring you continuous therapy with the continuous setting.

You also get all the equipment you need in the box, so the electrodes are present in the box, as is the charge and the battery required to ensure the unit works. The unit also comes with a great instruction booklet that really helps to convey the details that you need to be aware of when you are working the unit for the first few times.

TENS 3000 Analog Unit with 3 Modes, Timer and Amplitude Cap

One of the most versatile TENs units available on the market today is the Tens 3000 Analog unit. Easy to carry and to use, this unit is popular because it allows for the very latest in high quality pain management. The features let users create very highly specified pain management programs, so that you can fine-tune the therapy you receive. This means that you no longer have to settle for second best when it comes to intensity or frequency. Instead, you gain the exact level of pain relief that you need.

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You can run this on dual channel settings, so you can either have two or four electrodes. This again allows for greater flexibility in your pain relief, and makes it easy to get a customized pain management regime in place.

The modes you can use include three. These three modes are burst, modulation and constant. Everyone who has muscular pain, for example, is different, so one of these three modes should fit their needs perfectly.

There are real issues with muscular pain for some people, who may find that they cannot find the unit that best meets their needs. However, a unit like this, with great flexibility, should offer real help.

Digital TENS Unit Dual Channel

TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation system involves electrical pulses being sent through the skin, tissue and nerves to modify how the nervous system interprets and deals with pain. EMS is the acronym of Electronic Muscle Stimulation. EMS has been used for centuries to send electric pulse to muscles that have been damaged by exercise, sports or some other kind of physical activity. However, instead of getting therapy from some sports doctor you can get your own personal device to use at the comfort of your home.

The unit itself is portable and it runs on a 9-volt rechargeable battery that produces up to 50v of electric charge. The settings allow the user to control the pulse rate and the pulse width. It has re-usable, self-sticking electrode pads that can be placed on the area that needs stimulation. By varying the voltage that passes through the pads you ensure that different areas are stimulated. The pads can be used for over 20 applications but will need to be replaced after some time.

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Personal Care Plus™ Electronic Knee Stimulator (TENS)

A pain or irritation is the brain’s method to signal that something is wrong with that particular part of the body for one to take action. Sometimes unfortunately this pain stays for a much longer time, even after the message has been received. In such cases, the person needs to employ other methods to relieve the pain. Pain is usually experienced in knee joints, shoulder points, or the back. The Personal Care electronic knee stimulator for pain relief uses TENS technology to provide the much needed pain relief when and where it is required, that too in a compact size.

TENS is an efficient method of controlling pain without the use of any drugs. It uses tiny electrical pulses which are sent through the skin and it changes the way pain is perceived. By tricking the brain into believing that there is no pain, this unit is able to relieve the pain in one or two minutes. Also, the different buttons enable you to choose and select the pulse rate, intensity, and pulse width according to one’s requirement and comfort. This knee stimulator sends the pulses through the knee muscle and uses the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to relieve the pain at and around the surrounding area.

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