The treasure chest that the pirate is looking for, the prison where the villain of the movie is being forcibly held and the fence of the haunted house have something in common, a padlock. It is a security device that works as a kind of portable lock. Currently there are different types of padlocks available according to their utilities which are as follows;

Brass 20 mm

It is possibly the smallest on the market. It has the universal design, a metallic arch that is embedded in a rectangular structure, under which there is a small lock for a key that serves to lock and unlock the arch. It is used to secure travel bags, lockers, small safes and chains of minimum links. The brass padlocks come in different sizes.

Brass Padlocks with Longbow

This is a variant of the previous one with a longer metallic bow to fit in more links or for areas of difficult access. They also come in different sizes. Like the previous ones, they are used with conventional and non-computerized keys.

Battleship Padlock

Already the shape varies with respect to brass, it is a small safe box, through which a cylinder or bolt passes which are made of steel. The tongs and springs are also made of stainless steel. They have a stainless steel sphere that is boned for locking the pin bolt, and bolts in the form of mushroom. It has phosphor bronze and cylinder springs with SP key system that cannot be copied. They range from 40 to 90 mm and are used in shops to secure the doors of the premises.

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Shielded Padlocks

Similar to the previous one, with the difference that the body is made of brass sheathed in nickel-plated carbonitrided steel and the pin-bolt is carbonitrided nickel-plated steel.

Combination Padlock

They work as a safe. Instead of a key, they have small disks to enter a code that allows unlocking the ring. They come for combinations of three or four digits. You can find a great variety of combination padlocks at The Review Gurus.

For Motorcycles

They are used on the disc brake of motorcycles in monolithic body in different finishes and colors. They have pin in tempered and chromed steel with 10 mm diameter with automatic closing mechanism. Its protected cylinder makes it resistant to external weather conditions.

Flexible Bow

They are 40mm flat brass padlocks with plastic protection and flexible bow and come in various colors. They are mainly used to secure bicycles.

For Parking

They are those used to mark reserved positions, metal structures that retract to the level of the floor and rise to hinder the passage of vehicles. They come in the form of triangle, L, O and X.

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