In this post, I want to talk about the tactical flashlights as a self-defense tool, so let’s get to know about how the tactical flashlights can help you defend yourself in a dangerous situation.

The tactical flashlights are a type of flashlights used for personal defense nowadays; at first, they were of exclusive military use and for policemen.

If you are one of the people who usually go out on the street and accustoms to charging  a gas pepper, taser or something to protect, a tactical flashlights can be of greater utility for the reason that it will not only help you identify your attacker but it also allows you to see clearly the weapon of the attacker.

Even if you are not accustomed to carrying a self-defense product, it can become very useful in a difficult situation. It is an ideal thing to take to cinemas, theaters, concerts or airports and all the others places where it is prohibited to carry weapons, also if you live in places where there are strict laws to carry weapons, it is the best option.

Functions of the Tactical Flashlights

There are two important functions for a tactical flashlight which are as follows;

They help identify attackers.

The attackers use darkness as a great advantage, so carrying a tactical flashlights in a very dark or poorly-lit place reduces the attacker’s advantage over you. Sometimes it is enough to light it, and the attacker feels intimidated and silences the aggression.

Momentary Distraction to Attack

Have you ever had a very bright light near your eyes in the dark and it momentarily blinded you? Well, this is what happens when an attacker is exposed to the light with one of these powerful flashlights, as it makes them feel for a moment disoriented.

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When you put the light directly into the attacker’s eyes, it dazzles him, giving you a few minutes of confusion and disorientation that in a situation of risk or danger you can use to escape, to ask for help or to use another product of self-defense and paralyze the attacker.

Improvised Weapon

Some tactical flashlights are made or covered with crimping material, which serves as a tool to break windows in case of an emergency. This material is hard and resistant, helping not only to break things easily, but after lighting, you can use it to hit the attacker to be able to escape with ease. Please, visit Rangermade for more details.

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