Getting married is an event of the two persons, but, as a bride, you know that you are the main protagonist and you want to be spectacular on your wedding day and all the details matter. You choose your dress conscientiously and let the complements speak for themselves. A fine jewel can be the touch of distinction that such a special occasion deserves. In this post, I will give you some tips for choosing the best bridal earrings, so that you have the best look you deserve and leave the guests with their mouths open.


You should choose the wedding earrings that go with your style and reflect your personality. There are simple, stunning, large and small, with pearls, diamonds, etc. in short, there are many designs. You have to focus on your instinct, the most important thing is that you look good wearing them as they give you an extra dose of elegance.


It is a very important factor to keep in mind when you choose the earrings. The longer ones favor mainly the tall girls and with the longer neck. If you are short, I recommend that it will be better if you choose short earrings.

Shape of the Face

If your face is round, you can opt for long earrings to stylize it. If your face is oval, let yourself go as any alternative can be good. For a square face, the ideal is to avoid the straight lines and I advise you to go for the long ones, preferably fine and finished in the form of teardrop. The earrings with volume are ideal for triangular faces.

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It is not a minor matter. Hairdressing and makeup will play a very important role on the day of your wedding and it is advisable that you do not forget it when you are choosing the bridal earrings. If you are going to wear loose hair, the best earrings are long. For short or semi-short hair, shorter ones are better.


Of course, the earrings will have to match the wedding dress, giving special attention to the neckline. If the neckline is wide or you have the shoulders exposed, choose long ones.


Remember also about rest of the accessories and jewels, although if you want to give prominence to your earrings, the ideal is not to abuse wearing many accessories. Keep this fact in mind that sometimes less is more.

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