When you are on vacation in Dubai, going to a restaurant can be a great experience or the opposite. It is good to know what to look for to decide if you are in the right place or if it is not a good choice for you.

Do you know how to choose a good restaurant during your trip to Dubai? Cooking abroad is often very different from what we are used to, but for those who like to try new things, it is absolutely recommended. Here are tips for choosing a good restaurant when you are traveling to Dubai at an affordable price with local cuisine.

Use an App

The technology is on our side and we can use an app and help us make a good decision in this regard. An example is Foursquare, where we can filter the restaurants within walking distance and set them by typology or average score. Urbanspoon, is similar to the previous one, but the only restriction to operate it is that it only works English-speaking countries and finally we have Trip Advisor, which is the most well-known one, especially useful to take a look at the detailed restaurant with user reviews.

Ask the Locals

It sounds obvious, but it is not always done. The locals are the ones who know the local restaurants better for obvious reasons. First of all, you can ask at the reception of the hotel, bed and breakfast or apartment in which you stay. In this case, one must be a little careful to discern between forced advice, that is, those who give us to have no commission, and the real ones. In general, the smaller the place, and the more familiar atmosphere it gives off, the advice is useful and truthful.

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Diner’s Needs

A good service does not just happen to comply with the protocol, but with what you really want and ask the customer, for example, I am Ginger Ale lover, I always ask for a lot, but with a lot of ice and a lemon slice. What do I have in return in most of the time? A glass with three ice and without the slice of lemon or the glass without ice, but with lemon. It means that the waiter is not listening to you when you speak to him or her. A good restaurant must pay attention to the details of the customer.

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