In order to travel without schedules or restrictions on your vacations, to rent a car in the holiday destination has many advantages, but you must be aware of the right ways to rent a car in Dubai. In this post, we will talk about the correct ways of renting a vacation car in Dubai. If you are already convinced that you should rent a car in Dubai during your vacation, then follow our advice, so that everything goes in favor.

Use a Price Comparator

You are supposed to use a price comparator which you can easily find online. By using a Price Comparator, you can see the prices depending on the destination, type of car and the supplier and you will get the best price for sure. In case you have any questions, call the customer service representatives of car hire company you find good and make sure that you understand and comply with all of the terms and conditions to avoid any hassles.


When you arrive at your destination, you only have to go to the office of the company with which you have contracted the service and submit the documentation. So keep the necessary documents with you.

Remember that to collect the car, you will always need a credit card in the driver’s name, and in it will be held as the deposit. And do not forget the driving license which is a requirement to be able to rent the car.

Avoid rents with ‘full-empty’ fuel policies, as the company will charge you the gas tank at a price higher than the one established and you will have to return it as empty as possible. The best option is ‘full-full’ where you will receive the car with the full tank and you will have to return it as well.

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Car Inspection

When you get the car, check it properly and make sure that it has no defects at all.

Inter-City Pick and Drop Facility

If you are going to make a route-travel by car, keep in mind that many car rental service providers offer the possibility of picking up the car in one city and return it in another. Ask if there is an additional cost since, generally, a small supplement is to be paid.

In case of occurrence of any unforeseen event, always call the company or intermediary with whom you rented the car, so that they can tell you how to proceed in that situation.

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