If you have finally decided to build your log home or cabin on your own, you perhaps want to double check to ensure that you included some important products that are necessary for log homes. Some of these are UV protected log stain and appropriate amount of chinking to make your home energy efficient and protected as well, even in the coldest weather conditions.

Importance of UV Protection

Why this is important to have Ultra Violet protection. Especially when it comes to obtaining right log stain UV protection is a primary concern. As most if not all stains available protect against moisture leaking and insect infestation into the exposed logs, not all that are provided at the local vendor or online log home suppliers protect the harmful rays of sun. Just like intensive UV exposure can burn or sunburn human, continuously exposed logs in UV rays can cause big damages that can even affect moisture characteristics. That is the very reason, why even you selected a log stain that does not come with ultra violet protection, one of the most important products you buy for your log home may be extra sealant. This material is clear and can be match with every color. So you can apply them over without changing the favorite color of your home exterior.

Chinking Material

One more important product for log homes that is available is colored chinking. For many generations, chinking came in only one color. And while most if not home owners still prefer to have them in white, there is a gradual growth in number of house owners that prefer colored chinking for matching them with their log stain and home exterior. Sometimes, people will select the color of chinking that balanced the color of the log stain. For instance the trim would balance the color of the curtain or wallpaper in your bedroom or drawing room. It is of much importance, however to be completely sure that you need to go with colorful chinking because the wrong choice of color can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and dozens of labor hours to fix them and replace them again. Chinking in different colors is one of the great log home products, but they are not for every other homeowner.

As it can be seen that these ultra violet rays protection and colored chinking are useful and important log home products, it can also be recognized that they can turn any log house into log home, if and only if they are obtained with great care from a reliable log home product supplier. For more information about log home products and to take free consultancy.

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