Would not it be great if once we finished all the work of creating a website, people came there on their own volition? I wish it worked out that way, but unfortunately, we have to get the people to visit our websites. Here are some quick tips on increasing your web traffic.

You are not supposed to have a flash website, instead you should have the ‘html’ content on your website. You can ask your web developer to see what type you have. The flash sites have a lot of graphics and animation but and it notoriously difficult for the search engines to find the actual content. If you have a flash, start thinking about switching back to ‘.html’ in the future, so that people, who are looking for your type of product or service, can more with ease.

You should use Google Analytics. It is a free Google service which it fantastically deals with the data which allows you to track and measure the web traffic of your website with great details. I bet that would be lost without it. You can get it at Once you start driving more traffic to your website, you will want to see how you are doing it and Google Analytics will tell you.

Consider authoring the articles and posting them to the aggregators of articles online such as You can write a chunk of about 600 words or more about your area of expertise and provide a little bio of yours and link to your website.

You have to give people a few appealing reasons to visit to your website, so you should offer the visitors something free to claim and then put that offer on your business card and email signature. You must have received many emails with a link to entice you to avail an e-course consisting of several parts on some topic of your interest for free and you would say ‘Wow!’ and would subscribe to it. Now you have to follow the same process and think hard about what you can offer your target audience by making use of your experience and knowledge.

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If you implement these tips, you will see how your web traffic rise up in quick time. For even faster way, you are suggested to buy web traffic online.

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