Resting sleep masks for the eyes are made with several materials. For example, you can choose to wear a sleep mask for airplanes made of cotton, polyester or nylon or even foam. Satin and cashmere are also possibilities to get some luxury side at a less affordable price. Here are the main materials used in the manufacture of opaque sleep masks.

The Cotton

With a cotton sleep mask, you will get a feeling of softness in your face and less risk of the allergy for the reason that it is a hypoallergenic fiber and it is the most widespread in the industry of textile making. It is a kind of extremely soft and comfortable eye mask. On the other hand, it risks washing and shrinking. The cotton eye mask is ideal for occasional trips. It is the kind of sleep mask that has the reputation of being very flexible and extremely light in weight.

The Polyester

If you choose the polyester for the material of your eye sleep mask for travel, your mask will be light and will deteriorate much less with washing than cotton. The polyester has the property of resisting washing while preserving the colors. In addition, it absorbs breathing quickly, and this is ideal one when you are traveling to the hot destinations. The polyester eye cover is more durable and resistant than a cotton sleeping mask.

The Nylon

It is also an excellent choice for the reason that it is a very elastic fabric and it is easily maintained. The sleeping mask made of nylon is very soft, shiny and ultralight. There is also the foam sleep mask, and it does not stick to the skin and provides a feeling of comfort.

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You can choose from a multitude of styles of sleep masks. You can buy a men’s or women’s sleep mask and there are masks for children as well. If you are looking for simplicity, there are masks in the classic design without color or fantasy. If you want a more whimsical and original travel sleep mask, you can buy it in a supermarket or on the internet with an original and worked look. You have to make sure that your sleep mask does not squeeze your head too much and that it fits perfectly with your nose as well.

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