Zinc Oxide

Remove as much as possible and sprinkle on baking soda to absorb the grease and vacuum thoroughly and then remove any staining with liquid soap for grease and warm water.

Wax (Paraffin and Candle)

Place a clean, white, towel over the affected area. Set an iron to the medium setting and, once the temperature is reached place the iron on the towel for 30 seconds, move the towel as necessary to reach the spill. The heat should pull the wax into the towel.

If you do not have nylon carpet, pat the area with an acetone-based nail polish remover. Now you blot the affected area with some non-flammable cleaning agent using a clean and dry towel and then blot the area with a solution consisting of one teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap per each cup of water to be used. Now blot the area with a mixture of one cup of white vinegar for every 2 cups of water. Pat the stained area of wax with tap water using a clean towel as an absorbent.


You can use a liquid soap for grease and warm water. It may not remove the stain completely, but this will remove any residue.


If the paint is still wet, pat the area dry with a clean, white, absorbent towel. If the paint has dried, use a scraper to remove as much of the residue as possible. Pat the area with an acetone-based nail polish remover, followed by non-flammable cleaning fluid.


If the carpeting is thoroughly saturated, it may be necessary to remove the carpet pad and or cleaning and deodorizing of the backing. If the carpet is made of wool, urine can bleach out the dyes in the fibers.

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Blot up residue and then blot dry with a clean, dry, white, absorbent towel. Next, pat the area with a clean towel that has been thoroughly saturated with white vinegar. Saturate another towel with white vinegar, place it over the affected area and weight it down with heavy object for a few hours.


Let stain dry completely and scrap away as much as possible. Remove with warm soapy water and scrub. If it remains, apply Bissell Professional Power Shot Stain Remover and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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