Nootropics refer to compounds that are ingested to cause a certain effect on the brain for improving and enhancing its performance and activities that require better cognitive ability such as study and precision. Nootropics allow to improve the muscular-mind system connection, and with it being a purpose for sports use, many pre-training products incorporate them.

The nootropic word consists of nous ‘mind’ and ‘tropes’, so we can deduce that these substances are intended to streamline the brain activity, amplifying neuronal signaling. Another good definition might be that ‘the enhancement of cognitive abilities by stimulating certain areas of the brain that are normally kept in a state of lethargy.’ In simple words, the nootropics aim to improve physical and intellectual performance.

The use of nootropics increases the blood supply to the brain, which allows a better supply of glucose, nutrients and oxygenation which are substantially conducive to the effective development of a job for a long period of time.

It should be made clear that nootropics are not drugs, although it is true that a group of nootropics is known as ‘smart drugs’, but no more than this denomination, since they are not addictive substances. What’s more, some are even nutrients that can be found in various foods, herbs and plants such as lecithin, ginkgo biloba and coffee beans.

In order to provoke these effects, the processes that generate the nootropics are related in some aspects like the increase of synthesis of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that intervenes in the connections between mind-muscle, leading to the improvement in coordination.

Types of Neurotransmitters and Associated Functions

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There are 4 main neurotransmitters which are as follows;


Therefore, according to the type of nootropic, a neurotransmitter or another will be ‘stimulated’, obtaining the different effects. Among the various functions that neurotransmitters fulfill, we can mention the following;

Enhancing cognitive activity
Increase alertness and attention
Increase focus and mental energy
Feeling of well-being and mitigating depressive symptoms
Improve learning and memory

In addition to this it, is possible to appreciate even an improvement in physical performance, pointing in this direction to the chemical activation of muscle fibers. Nootropics will not turn you into a genius overnight, but it is true that they can provide mental clarity and support to undertake any daily activity you need to 100% maintain all your cognitive faculties.

It is the case that enhance brain functions through continued use, and in this sense, you can review and propose improvements related to any area of your life i.e. nutrition, health, sports, creativity, business, relationships and son on.

At present, there is a great variety of nootropics, depending on the use and the function that we want to emphasize. According to the nootropic in question, its intake must be maintained for a continuous period to have the desired effects.

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