The lease of cars allows a person with business or pleasure activity to acquire the use of certain goods by installments according to their needs. In exchange for the payment of an established rent, where at the end of the term, the person has the option to acquire the property or return it definitively, the owner can obtain great benefits of acquiring the car that he already knows or take a completely new one.

The decision to lease a car must be based on the personal and operational circumstances of the company or business, as well as the needs for which the car is sought.

The basic principle of business says that we must put our money in those assets that increase its value and remove it from those that lose their value, and cars definitely lose their value every moment that passes from the moment they leave the distribution agency.

When we buy a car, its value will not only depreciate by 20% when leaving agency, there are also unforeseen market circumstances that increase this percentage. The lease protects from excessive car depreciation, an interesting point is that you can buy the car at a lower price once the contract has been completed.

Leasing benefits consumers who like to get more value for their money, also those who seek to stay ahead with brand new cars every two or three years. It is necessary to constantly renew units for improving the image projected by the company and the security it provides to its employees.

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Because most leasing conditions cover the periods mentioned above, lease users can enjoy all these benefits and in addition to having a recurring replacement allows them to take advantage of the time in which the car is under its warranty period, so paying for repairs and maintenance will not represent a major problem, on the contrary, it allows to generate quantifiable savings in operating expenses of large and small fleets.

Among the great advantages of leasing we find that it is not necessary to have an initial disbursement of 20% or 30% as in a traditional financing, as the user will only have to pay current rent, which allows a more intelligent and efficient use of money and working capital of the companies which directly favors the finances of the business.

Another important advantage not always seen and less analyzed is the possibility of deducting from taxes the payments of the rent of the car, if this is used for labor purposes. Impact by the deduction in income is greater than the deduction in direct purchase.

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