As an antioxidant food, chocolate in the diet has a protective action in the prevention and development of the cardiovascular diseases. Chocolate and its derivatives contain highly nutritious elements for the reason that they contain fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.

All these nutrients in chocolate generate health benefits as they are the sources of energy and regulate the body temperature. Chocolate also has important antioxidant because of its high content of flavonoids. Being an antioxidant food, chocolate in the diet has a protective action in the prevention and development of the cardiovascular diseases, some types of cancers, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson and type 2 diabetes, among the others.

Adequate Consumption

The consumption of chocolate will depend a lot on the nutritional status of the person to suggest a frequency in his or her diet. For example, an average adult with ideal weight and a balanced diet with physical activity can consume it every day, but it is not the case of an overweight person and also some are associated with pathology such as the diabetes, and in these cases to have a special recommendation like the type of chocolate and the amount is a must. There is no scientific explanation about the addiction to chocolate, but it could be due to two causes which are as follows;

Being an energy food, chocolate can generate heat quickly by relieving us of the cold of the time.
Chocolate contains theobromine, which is a substance of similar action to caffeine.

Not everyone can consume chocolate, so we must assess the clinical and nutritional status of the person to restrict the intake. People with pathologies such as fatty liver, a common complication of overweight people, type 2 diabetes, overweightness and the obesity have to be especially careful. They need nutritional counseling to know when, how much and what type of chocolate they can consume.

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Chocolate also reduces cardiovascular issues!

All these benefits result in the reduction of cardiovascular issues and the consequent reduction of the blood pressure. From chocolates comes the fiber and vitamin E that counts the cocoa as another of the advantages for our organism.

An Ounce a Day

The expert unanimous in recommending a daily amount of cocoa, as long as it exceeds 60% purity, thus, they believe that an intake of between 46 and 60 grams per day is more than enough for the body. The children can eat more because they have a higher energy expenditure, between one and two ounces a day. Ultimately, the use of chocolate lengthens the life and raises the mood you can wish for..

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