For the people who are active in the field of natural medicine, I will not say anything new here, especially when affirming and maintaining that nature keeps and contains a unique source of the natural remedies. In my opinion, diseases arise from separation with the natural and the healthy way of life.

Herbs and spices have been used for centuries to cure and prevent maladies. You do not need a PhD in biology to access your millennial secrets. Here are the basics, so come on and get inspired with the natural recipes of herbs and spices to cook and to heal.


If you ever bite a fresh oregano leaf, you will never forget how strong its natural oils are and the same goes if you have ever tried oregano oil in its pure form. It will burn your senses. Oregano is considered the number one herb in the list of herbs with antioxidants. It contains numerous phytochemicals that have been used as a cold medicine such as diuretics and antifungal.

Research from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) found that a tablespoon of oregano contains as much antioxidant as in a medium apple. You can use it fresh or dry, in soups, on pizza or pasta or in you can eats fresh tomatoes with dry oregano sprinkled over with a pinch of sea salt and extra virgin olive oil.

Since we are talking about herbs, here I tell you that you can get the best herb grinder at The Review Gurus. When I cook, I love adding all kinds of herbs and spices to quinoa to add flavor and health to my dishes.

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I cannot deny it that rosemary is one of my favorite herbs and it is never missing in my kitchen. It is not hard to stand out when you cook with rosemary, even your house will be filled with a fragrant and delicious aroma.

But in addition to all that, rosemary acts in the body strengthening and improving the circulatory system and the immune system. This magic herb also repairs damaged blood vessels, prevents mutations of genes that could cause cancer, and improves the circulatory and immune system.

For greater effects, you can prepare a mixture of herbs in equal parts of rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper and use it to roast seasoned vegetables, white meats such as chicken and turkey and fish. It’s excellent, very simple and I promise you will find it delicious. If you are looking for original gift ideas, buy a brand-name bottle of olive oil or vinegar and place some rosemary stems inside. With this, you will create an infusion of the gods.

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