InTENSity Select Combo 4 Waveforms TENS, EMS, IF & Micro

It is one of the most popular TENs units available right now. This little unit manages to pack many features into a small container, bringing great pain relief to anyone who has suffered from muscular and joint pain for any period of time. Effective and well designed, the unit has many benefits that pain sufferers will find very useful. It is adaptable enough to fit in with anyone’s pain relief regime, and stylish enough to not cause embarrassment when it is visible in public.

There are four waveforms available on the unit, which gives you immense flexibility as regards the amount of pain relief you can apply. The number of combinations is impressive, with TENs and waveforms being the most obvious uses. The therapy is gentle and effective.

The kit you receive with the unit is of a very high quality. The electrodes are premium quality, and they are responsive enough to bring quick relief to even the most long-standing pain spots. You also gain a free AC adapter so your pain relief is never put in jeopardy due to a lack of power. It is easy to charge up prior to applying the kind of pain relief that does the job effortlessly.

TENS 7000 Digital Unit with 5 Modes

The TENS 7000 2nd Edition is one of the most professional and well-designed TENS units available on the market today. Sleek and good-looking, it won’t embarrass you if you bring it out in public. It also offers a great level of pain relief that really helps to transform the way you manage your pain.

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One of the first things you will notice is that you get two pairs of lead wires for attachment of electrodes, but these wires are 40 inches long, so the level of comfort and ease of use is phenomenal. This says a lot for the unit, which is easily one of the most practical available.

You also gain a unit that has five treatment modes attached. This means that you are able to pick and choose the treatment modes that best suit your needs. Rather than have a situation where you have to be careful and settle for second best with the pulses you receive, you can actually choose to have one of five modes, fine-tuning it so that you get the best result in the end. This makes for a very pleasant experience where pain relief is practical and non-invasive. Overall, a very effective TENS unit that really works hard to make your pain manageable. Now you can visit The Review Gurus purchase this unit.

TENS refers to a pain-relief management known as ‘Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation’. TENS units are battery-run small devices and they often come with attachments that can conveniently tucked away in your pockets so that one can carry them around when one is at go.

How Do TENS Units Give Relief from Pain?

The units are composed of sticky patches which need to be attached to the patient’s skin. These patches are really electrodes which deliver small electrical impulses in the nerve fibers underlying the skin where the patches have been attached. This mechanism works in two different ways to relieve pain. First, it helps release endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are natural chemicals which, when released into the brain, act as a pain relief. The TENS devices help activate this mechanism. Then, the electrodes create electrical stimulation of the nerve fibers and this stimulation helps block the pain signal from the nerves from a certain body area from getting communicated to the brain. Due to this blockage, the patient does not feel the pain.

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Many doctors prescribe TENS for purposes of pain relief. If it is found that the TENS therapy is helping the patient, he or she can then go buy or rent a TENS unit for use. Many users of the therapy report that they have experienced significant relief from pain from using this therapy. The plus side of the therapy is that it is drug-free. Users do not report too many side effects either. Some complain of reddened or inflamed skin where the patches are applied. This however can be reduced by using different gels or electrodes.

What are the conditions that TENS unit help?

The help in the following conditions;

  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Neck and back pain
  • Muscular strain
  • Headaches
  • TMJ disorder

People who should not use a TENS device

  • People having a pacemaker should consult their physician before starting on a TENS therapy.
  • The effects of TENS on a fetus or an unborn baby are still not known.
  • No matter what condition you are in, you should always first ask the advice of your physician before using TENS therapy.

Where do I get a TENS device?

Ask your physical therapist about getting a TENS unit. These units can both be bought or rented. However, you will need a prescription from a certified medical practitioner. Your insurance plan may also cover the cost of undergoing TENS therapy. The institution you are buying the unit from should be able to help you regarding the financial aspects.

Once you have the TENS unit with you, consult your physician to know how you should use the machine. Do not try to adjust the settings on your own. When you get the therapy done at a clinic, always detail the therapist about the sensations you are experiencing during the treatment, especially if they involve any pain. This will help the therapist to adjust the settings according to your needs. Keep this in mind, that TENS is not a pain cure treatment. It only provides relief from pain. TENS is the most effective way when applied in combination with other pain reducing techniques.

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