There are a few scenarios in which people rent a car;

A trip (for business or tourism)
A replacement while the car is in the workshop
A move
An experience of driving a sports car

Travel is not primarily on a whim. But there is difference depending on whether the trip is for pleasure or for professional reasons, with a closed work schedule and where it is important to arrive on time for the appointments. This implies that on a business trip, where premium cars are usually chosen because they have no queues at pick up and the fuel policy is clear and predictable as you pick it up filled and you return it full.

Conversely, the travelers who are going to need a car during their vacation have a tighter budget and prefer to invest the money in the travel experiences rather than in the flight or rental cars. The people prefer to rent a car to use their own on rids within the country, as it is much more comfortable and safe.

For this reason, the tourists are very sensitive to the offers by low cost car rental services until they discover at the counter the hidden expenses in the small print.

There are supplements, locks, fees, charges and insurance extras. The solution has appeared in the recent years with the average rental car services, as second brands of other major companies.

People also rent a car in case of damage to their own car and they are perhaps simply doing an annual review. In any case, before this unforeseen inconvenience, and if you need the car on a daily basis, renting a car will be an effective option.

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The rental period can vary from just one day to over a week or even month. Many insurance companies provide a substitute car in their policies. It is best to choose the office of the train station of the company, because they are near the urban center and you can go to pick up and return the car in a more comfortable way with better public transport i.e. buses and taxis than if you do it in the airport.

However, it is common for train station offices to be closed for certain hours and if you deliver later, you have to pay a supplement, while at the airport you can find offices open for 24 hours.

In addition, many times you can find that the price is cheaper at the airport. Rate if you pay less you pay for the inconvenience and see what surcharges and price differences there are between renting at an airport or at a train station.

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